Why Didn’t I Think of That? Developing New Business Ideas


The saying goes that everyone has at least one novel in them. Well, we reckon that everyone also has at least one golden, unique idea in them. However, ‘bolt from the blue’ and ‘eureka’ moments are not daily occurrences, so how can you uncover your great business idea?

What Makes an Idea ‘Great?’

An idea is great if it stimulates your business and helps it grow. A great idea will not lead you on a certain road to growth without careful nurturing to take it from theory into practice. It must be matured to a useful and productive end. Indeed, there are many challenges that you must face to turn your gem of genius into something worthwhile.

There is no surefire way to ensure your idea becomes a success, but you can learn how great ideas are developed, how risks can be managed and obstacles overcome.

How to Incorporate my Idea into my Business?

One way to ensure your business idea is successful is to use feedback from prospects and customers to learn if they agree that your idea is worth pursuing. Something that might seem brilliant to one person might be unappealing or not feasible to another. By gaining a range of informed perspectives on your idea, you can shape it in ways that will ensure its success. By asking for feedback as a force of habit on all your ideas, you find out not only what is a good idea, but also how to develop it beyond its initial form and create a successful extension to your business.

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An example of how you can develop your idea is by taking an iPeer – Product and Services Industry Survey. This survey is carefully designed to help you reflect on how you position and communicate your product or service idea to your prospective customers. By being pro-active and open-minded you can develop your idea and improve your business potential exponentially.

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