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The GlassTalk 2011 survey was carefully designed and created to work with and provide useful feedback for people from the glazing industry about how to communicate effectively and learn from one another to improve the industry and, consequently, their own business. BBPN created the survey, and succinctly collated the information to produce a report that would create a fresh perspective for those who participated willingly and openly.

There are clear and stringent rules to follow when creating a useful survey that will provide the correct participants with the feedback that will improve their business. Specifically to GlassTalk was the innovation to divide the industry into three distinct, yet explanatory, sections of the glazing supply chain for questioning: manufacturers and suppliers; fabricators; and finally, retailers and installers.

The reason behind this was two-fold: an intimate knowledge of the industry meant that it was obvious that the different parts of the supply chain perform different tasks and therefore have different motivations; it also allowed the feedback of the survey to bring the industry together as a complete communicative whole and as a result augment cross-industry understanding, trust and co-operation.

The survey also questioned what people desired from a potential customer and other parts of the supply chain. Ultimately, when all of the information was collated, obvious patterns began to emerge that showed underlying trends that were inherently successful and should be further explored. It also showed what was unsuccessful.

However, this information is futile if not communicated clearly and effectively to expose underlying trends that would confirm or shock pre-conceived ideas that those in the industry held. Click Here to learn what the survey discovered

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