May 24, 2011
by Mike Knudsen

Latest GlassTalk Live! – A great day out at the Belfry

It was great to participate in the GlassTalk Live! series at The Belfry in the West Midlands, to quote the organiser Paul Goodwin ‘The obvious summary of the day was a ‘Hole in One’

The core of GlassTalk Live! is the speed networking, described by one delegate as a sort of ‘musical chairs’ for grown-ups, (Though judging the lively room, ‘grown-ups’ really meant switched on Business people)

The networking sessions were, as ever, punctuated by the On The Couch sessions, kicked off by a summary of the results of the first GlassTalk survey, carried out in the weeks preceding the event by BBPN (

The results were surprising to the audience in two key findings: Amongst retailers and installers, less than 30% keep meaningful lists of customer, indicating a woeful waste of a key resource; and less than 10% of the sample (more than 100 respondents across all sectors) use lowest price as a key purchasing criterion. Delegates will each receive a copy of the findings.

It was particularly interesting to be interviewed in front of 120 people, many of which had plenty to say about the topics. Luckily Paul was a great ‘compare’ making space to present as well as drawing people from the audience into the discussion. As for the next step its time to write up and publish the detailed findings from survey in THE GLASSTALK REPORT 2011

On the Couch with Paul Goodwin

April 27, 2011
by Mike Knudsen

Feedback for Business

Feedback is the breakfast of champions – A famous quote but who said this? Kenneth Blanchard the author of the 1 Minute Manager and other titles with a focus on simple and effective ways to manage people.

But how do you get effective feedback to help you manage your business? Who do you ask and how do you make it easy for them to answer your questions. Most importantly what questions do you ask?

A few simple rules apply whenever you are looking for feedback to move you forward. These apply to any type of business feedback including employees, customers, prospects and colleagues:

– Are you ready to listen?
– Are you ready for action?
– Are you ready to say thank you?

Take a minute to reflect on situations in the past where you have responded to the question: Please let me know what you really think? Only to regret your answer later. Perhaps the person asking was not ready and able to say yes to the above 3 questions.

Now ask yourself, “How ready am I ?” Perhaps the answer depends on the topic and situation. However in order for you to be asking a question you do need to be ready to deal with the answers in a way that makes it worthwhile for the person to be asked what they think.

April 27, 2011
by Mike Knudsen

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April 27, 2011
by Mike Knudsen

Networking Event in Glossop

High Peak Networking are heading to Glossop for a joint meet-up with the Glossop Business Network, offering even more of an opportunity to meet like minded business people.

Tuesday 3rd May, Glossop Business Centre. 174 High Street West, Glossop. SK13 8ER

Graham Hewitt from Carham Wines will be running a wine tasting session and offering exclusive deals on his wines for High Peak Networking members.

The High Peak Business Network is an informal networking group that meets once a month at different locations in the High Peak area. Come along and meet other like minded business people and develop your circle of business contacts in your local community.

All network events are held in an evening from 5.30pm-7.30pm so there is no disruption to your working day. The format of each event allows members plenty of time for informal discussion, plus the opportunity to make a one minute presentation about their own business.

For more information visit:

April 27, 2011
by Mike Knudsen

Socialize Your Website!

Working with businesses of any size, Mike Knudsen delivers better business communication strategies and helps putting these into practice – Contact Mike to learn how to improve the effectiveness of your business communication

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will undoubtedly know that social marketing is an important aspect of your online marketing strategy. It is important that you connect with your customers where they live. Meaning, social sites.

Unless your business is geared to seniors, chances are they will look for you in other places besides the search engines. While it is important to be found in the search engines, referral traffic is quickly gaining ground for driving traffic to your site.

How do You Make Your Website More Social?

1. Display the details of your company Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. accounts on the front page of your website and on your blog. If you do not have those accounts yet; Boy do you have some catching up to do! Get on over there now and set up accounts.

2. Make sure your site has an RSS feed. The easiest way to do this is through a blog since RSS is built right in to many of the blogging applications. If you don’t then have someone create the feed for your website. If you do not know what an RSS feed is, it is a means to syndicate your site content. This allows users to create feeds from sites that interest them so they can get updates in their email or in their feed reader sites. Now think of how many more conversions you would make if your discounts, sales and newest release products were sent out to your subscribers?

3. Be sure to have a business blog and keep it active with regular updates. This will allow you to interact with your visitors as well as make content creation a breeze. You do not need to pay a web designer every time you want to add an update to your website. It is quite easy to do yourself with a blog. Consistency here will pay off. Do not just blog on occasion. Think of it as a daily duty. You just may find you enjoy it.

4. Make your website mobile friendly. You do not have to develop iPhone apps, just be aware of the fact that you should keep your site load time down and limit the use of bandwidth hungry graphics and scripts. Keeping your design simple will allow more mobile users to surf your site.

By doing these 4 simple steps, you not only can connect more easily with your tech loving customers, you will show them that you are in tune with their needs and are up to snuff when it comes to following the marketing trends. Young adults today do not want to do business with companies that are stuck in the 90′s. Keep up with the times and your customers will reward you by sharing your site with their friends and followers on the social sites.

Article Source: Sandra S Sea