Latest GlassTalk Live! – A great day out at the Belfry


It was great to participate in the GlassTalk Live! series at The Belfry in the West Midlands, to quote the organiser Paul Goodwin ‘The obvious summary of the day was a ‘Hole in One’

The core of GlassTalk Live! is the speed networking, described by one delegate as a sort of ‘musical chairs’ for grown-ups, (Though judging the lively room, ‘grown-ups’ really meant switched on Business people)

The networking sessions were, as ever, punctuated by the On The Couch sessions, kicked off by a summary of the results of the first GlassTalk survey, carried out in the weeks preceding the event by BBPN (

The results were surprising to the audience in two key findings: Amongst retailers and installers, less than 30% keep meaningful lists of customer, indicating a woeful waste of a key resource; and less than 10% of the sample (more than 100 respondents across all sectors) use lowest price as a key purchasing criterion. Delegates will each receive a copy of the findings.

It was particularly interesting to be interviewed in front of 120 people, many of which had plenty to say about the topics. Luckily Paul was a great ‘compare’ making space to present as well as drawing people from the audience into the discussion. As for the next step its time to write up and publish the detailed findings from survey in THE GLASSTALK REPORT 2011

On the Couch with Paul Goodwin

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