Feedback for Business


Feedback is the breakfast of champions – A famous quote but who said this? Kenneth Blanchard the author of the 1 Minute Manager and other titles with a focus on simple and effective ways to manage people.

But how do you get effective feedback to help you manage your business? Who do you ask and how do you make it easy for them to answer your questions. Most importantly what questions do you ask?

A few simple rules apply whenever you are looking for feedback to move you forward. These apply to any type of business feedback including employees, customers, prospects and colleagues:

– Are you ready to listen?
– Are you ready for action?
– Are you ready to say thank you?

Take a minute to reflect on situations in the past where you have responded to the question: Please let me know what you really think? Only to regret your answer later. Perhaps the person asking was not ready and able to say yes to the above 3 questions.

Now ask yourself, “How ready am I ?” Perhaps the answer depends on the topic and situation. However in order for you to be asking a question you do need to be ready to deal with the answers in a way that makes it worthwhile for the person to be asked what they think.

Author: Mike Knudsen

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